5 Highlighter Palettes to Try in 2017

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Palette

The cruelty-free brand is launching a Next level highlighter palette and it contains Three Magical Highlighters in universally Pink, Gold and Peach Shades. This palette has been considered as “The Highlighter Palette for Unicorns”.


lime crime2

Anastasia beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero

This highlighting palette is made up of Six Mostly Pink and Gold Shades. These six amazing shades are not only shimmery, but they are extremely blendable.



Smashbox and Casey Holmes Spotlight palettes

The famous beauty vlogger Casey Holmes teamed up with Smashbox to create two new highlighter palettes with two color themes Pearl and Gold along with Three Highlight Finishes chosen by Casey to Customize Your Glow!!


HUDA Beauty 3D Palette

This one is my personal favorite. This palette is gorgeous Huda Kattan’s first ever highlighter palettes. This palette comes in two color themes, Pink Sands and Golden Sands. Furthermore, these shades are meant to be used in a certain order in order to create a seamless Three-Dimensional Glow!



Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

This palette was released in December 2016, but this is too gorgeous to be on the list of 2017! Yes, it’s a perfect peachy glow palette for summer. One thing that I like most about this palette is that it is Peach Scented and also Infused with Fruit!

too faced


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