Types of Coffee Drinks

People love to enjoy coffee for a very long time now. What was previously just a black invigorating liquid is now available in different forms. This guide will help you to understand all types of coffee drinks on the menu, so the next time you know what exactly you want to order.

  1. Latte

    Espresso + Steamed Milk  ~Thin Foam~
    This is also commonly used for dipping Cookies, spongy cakes slices.


  2. Americano

    2/3 Hot Water + 1/3 Espresso
    This is also prepared with ice.


  3. Flat White

    Espresso + Steamed Milk ~Very Thin Foam~ (6oz Total)
    Its medium size, bigger than a macchiato or cortado but smaller than a latte.


  4. Mocha

    Espresso + Chocolate Syrup + Steamed Milk ~Thin Foam~
    It can be topped with whipped cream cocoa powder or grated chocolate.


  5. Espresso

    Finely grounded coffee brewed with highly pressurized water.
    A thick, golden-brown foam on the surface indicates a good espresso.


  6. Macchiato

    2/3 Espresso + 1/3 Steamed Milk ~Thick Foam~
    Vanilla is often added for extra flavor.


  7. Cappuccino

    Espresso + Steamed Milk ~Thin Foam~
    It is common practice to sprinkle unsweetened cocoa powder or dark chocolate gratings to the cappuccino froth.


  8. Cortado

    1/2 Espresso + 1/2 Steamed Milk ~Very Thin Foam~
    The cortado is common in Spain and Portugal as well as various Latin American countries.


  9. Drip Coffee

    Grounded coffee brewed with auto drip coffee maker.
    A less familiar form of drip brewing is the reversible or “flip” pot commonly known as Napoletana.


  10. Red Eye

    Drip Coffee with a shot of Espresso
    It may be called a red eye, black eye, or dead eye, depending on the number of shots which have been added.



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