Global Village Dubai

Global Village captures the essence of over 30 countries of the world under one roof. It is one of the leading cultural attraction and family entertainment that provides an array of diverse and unique shopping experience to you. This was my first visit to the Global Village and I was stunned by the beauty and the architecture of this place. Let me tell you one thing, a day is not enough if you want to visit all the pavilions. The Global Village is located at the Sheikh Zayed Road and the timings on the weekend are from 4:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. This place attracts thousands of visiters every day from all over the world.


As you enter this place, you will see the beautiful Tower of Pisa, majestic Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House. Each country hosts a pavilion and offers great cultural crafts, and traditional stuff. Since the weather in Dubai is really pleasant, you will see many kiosks of Karak Chai serving hot chai in mud glasses and veggie samosas. Karak Chai is for 15 dhm and samosa is for 5 dhm. The good part about this place is that the food is available in a very reasonable price, so you can enjoy the taste of food from all around the world.



Photo Credit: Shay Shakeel

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Each pavilion has its cultural landmarks at the entrance. We first visited Iran’s pavilion. You will see most beautiful Persian carpets, a wide variety of hand made crafts, and a wholesome range of saffron, pistachios and gem stones. I love jewelry and I fell in love with the sapphires and emeralds pendants and ear pieces.

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I was very excited to visit my country’s pavilion, so we went to see how Pakistan’s pavilion looks like. At the entrance, you will see a traditional truck showing the traditional art of Pakistan. This pavilion has a good variety of Lawn dresses, leather goods, carpets and jewelry along with some wood carved furniture attracting visitors to admire the craftsmanship of the country. There was a stall which was making pendants and bracelets of your name in Arabic, Urdu or English, and that too within 30 minutes. I got one made for myself. This was very interesting!

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We also visited several other pavilions such as Africa, Yemen, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, America, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, India, France, China, Spain, Italy, and South Korea. It is a perfect place if you want to know about the culture and tradition of any country. Apart from jewelry and furniture, you will see many pavilions selling their country’s specialities like chips, fancy slippers, bags, dresses, hair products, perfumes, jewelry boxes, paintings, electronic appliances, hand made bags, hats etcetera.

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Global Village also offers a variety of dining options from different cuisines around the world such as Thai, Mexican, Emirati and Japanese. There is a big food street with many kiosks offering food like pancakes, pizza cones, gol gappay, burgers, sandwiches, churros, ice-cream and a lot more. There are cafes and restaurants as well that offer casual lunch and dinner experience like KFC, Pizza Hut, Sadaf, Reem Al Bawadi, Al Haaj Bundo Khaan, Grand Barbeque Restaurant, Istanbul Flower to name a few. I tried Burek Sarajevo – a Bosnian food which was scrumptious! Burek is known as a Bosnian pastry. There are wide variety of filling available with sweet and savoury flavors like apple pie, pumpkin, veggies, cheese, cheese and spinach, and meat. They serve it fresh and hot along with yogurt or sour cream. Yumm!! A must try!


Visitors can also enjoy the live performance at the Global Village. Singers and musicians come from around the world and you can enjoy them within the Global Village entry ticket. There is a grass seating area where you just sit and relax in the comfortable environment and enjoy the concert.


Photo Credit: Shay Shakeel

The visit to this spectacular place doesn’t end unless you see and experience the thrilling rides! Yes, this place has the most thrilling rides for both adults and children. I think the most thrilling rides were 2EXTREME, AIR MAXX, and SLING SHOT. I only had the courage to experience the Wheel of the World which was simply amazing! You can view the entire Global Village from the top of the wheel and enjoy the beautiful nightlife of Dubai and this place. In addition, Global Village also displays spectacular fireworks everyday right above the Fantasy Island. Check the pictures below and plan soon to visit this place and post your reviews!


Photo Credit: Shay Shakeel




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