Adrian Hurley Magician – Up Close & Personal at The Courtyard Playhouse

I attended a magic show last week after almost 15 years. I am very fond of magic tricks. One of my friend does really cool tricks with the cards and I am always amazed how brilliantly he involves everyone with his tricks. He told us about the Adrian Hurley magic show at the Courtyard Playhouse, and I was more than excited to go there. The Courtyard Playhouse conducts several shows, but they do not have an entry ticket. It depends on the community support to do the shows, and for that purpose they request you to contribute some money at the end, so they can continue bringing amazing shows for everyone. They also seek for the volunteers to help them in what they do by offering their time and skills. Seats could be reserved for the shows through their online system. The hall accommodates around 50 people. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before the show begins to get the seats. They have a small snack bar inside the hall where you can grab popcorn, chocolates and soft drinks before the show starts and in the intermission.


I had a chance to speak with Adrian Hurley after the show. He has been working as a professional entertainer for the past 18 years, excelling as a professional magician, balloon sculptor and as an actor.


The show was very very interesting. He performed several tricks such as cutting rope with scissors and then magically joining it back together, blowing the balloon and swallowing it, inserting a needle in his nose, etc.

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One trick that astounded me was, he asked 3 volunteers to join him on the stage, asked each one of them a question, “Which football team is your favorite”, “name of your childhood best friend”, and asked the third person to “Select one card from the deck of cards”. He then wrote the answers on a chalk board before they even replied and everyone was amazed that he guessed all of them accurately 😀 The show was very interactive and lively. The delivery of tricks he performed was commendable and everyone was like “How does he do it??” We thoroughly enjoyed it!


Do check some of his shows at the Courtyard Playhouse and lemme know your thoughts in comments!

Cheers! xx


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