Chokers are Back!

Chokers are a huge trend these days. They look gorgeous with whatever style you pick, whether you are going to an event, attending a party or even at work, there’s always a kind of a choker that you can wear. It can turn even the most basic outfits into major style statements. Choker trend was very popular in 90s I remember, because I had one in black (that time there was just one style of choker available :P) which was a kind of a tattoo and I was so obsessed with it that I even wore it in my school :D. So if you want to know different kinds of chokers and their styling, then keep reading.

Floral Chokers: I find a floral choker really cute and casual. You can wear them with any casual outfit like a jeans skirt with a crop top and rock this look. If you’re wearing a buttoned shirt, then you can open two buttons from the top and spread your collar, so that you would be able to emphasize the choker that you’re wearing.

Floral choker


Metallic Chokers: It looks very bold, but at the same time looks very stylish and fashionable. It’s perfect for a night-out or a special event. A metallic gold choker will look great with a LBD or sometimes a heavy metallic choker can give a great amount of grandeur to your normal outfit.


Denim Chokers: You can wear a stylish denim choker with your off shoulder top, ripped jeans and round glasses. Feel free to style your look with a pair of sneakers for a comfy wear or with heels. This is my personal favorite style, and I am definitely going to buy one for myself soon!

denim choker

Charm Chokers: If you believe in luck, then you can definitely wear this kind of choker with a lucky charm. They are the most delicate chokers that can go with almost every outfit you opt. You can wear a charm choker with dress or a top with a plunging neckline.


Sparkling Chokers: It goes perfectly well with cute and elegant dresses, especially if they are more of the simple kind. The sparkling choker looks very luxurious and stylish especially with a casual outfit or a formal dinner dress. Stand in front of the mirror and see which outfit looks best with the sparkling choker.


Choker with a Necklace: You can pair a choker with a nice long necklace, may be a statement necklace with rhinestones or gems. Open your hair or tie a bun, wear a casual tee, a dark lip color and jeans to complete your look.



Layers of Chokers: You can mix and match two or three different delicate chokers and wear with a printed floral dress and a soft pink lip color. Wow!


Lace Chokers: A lace choker looks very girly and chic. It has a very elegant look. You can pair this choker with a peplum top or a casual dress. Sometimes, you can find a lace choker with pearls attached to it. It looks simply gorgeous!

white lace choker

So, what kind of choker do you like?



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