A Footwear for Summer – Kohla Puri

Some of you might have heard of this flat sandals known as Kohla Puri. This traditional style sandal was originated in India decades ago. Its a very famous traditional footwear in India and in Pakistan made up of leather with an open toe ring, T-strap and a flat heel.


This is my personal favorite, and I design customized Kohla Puri for myself and my friends. It is perfect for summer. A traditional footwear which looks really elegant and add a charm when worn with long frocks or shalwar kameez. Its not just popular among women, but in men as well. Men look very graceful with kurta pyjama or sherwani along with a brown leather Kohla Puri.

Other than traKP4ditional outfits, it looks great with casual outfits as well. I wear it with jeans and summer dresses. Its comfortable yet really very stylish! They can be made in every color, and you can get it made it with your choice of stones, beads, colorful lace, or tiny pretty mirrors. Isn’t it amazing??? Lemme know your thoughts about it 😀


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